When to see an Eye-doctor

When to see an eye Doctor

1, You always have a headache
2, Your eye is infected
3, There are bright flashes or floaters
4, There is eye pain
5, You have been squinting
6, You have diabetes or it is in the family
7, You have hypertension or it is in the family
8, Excessive light sensitivity
9, Your eyes are always red
10, You spend so much time on computer or phone-screen
11, If you have never had your eyes examined before

What is eye examination?

An eye examination consists of series of tests that your eye doctor will perform in order to determine the status of your eyes.
The eye doctor will ask you to read professionally crafted letters at both far and near and take note of what you might see and what you might not see. Then he will carry out some external and internal tests to ascertain the integrity of the ocular structures. After that, he will review the results of the tests and discuss the result with you and what options are available and what the implications would be.

Then you would be given treatment based on the diagnosis and would be placed on a follow-up if need be.